Live at Stockholm Concert Hall (2009)


DVD tracklist

  1. Intro: Are they saying goodbye
  2. Raise my head
  3. The Puzzle
  4. Humming one of your songs
  5. To let myself go
  6. This Voice
  7. My Star
  8. The Treehouse Song
  9. Lullaby for Grown-ups
  10. Changing of the seasons
  11. Linger with pleasure
  12. Lift Me (feat. Sivert Höyem)
  13. Fyris River
  14. Balloon Ranger
  15. Ten Seconds
  16. The Armour Petrified Forest Road
  17. Falling Down
  18. The Fall
  19. Rubber and Soul
  20. Don’t Leave
  21. Big in Japan
  22. My Lover Will Go
  23. Song No.6
  24. True Colors

CD tracklist:

  1. The Puzzle
  2. Humming one of your songs
  3. To let myself go
  4. My Star
  5. The Treehouse Song
  6. Lullaby for Grown-ups
  7. Linger with pleasure
  8. Lift Me (feat. Sivert Höyem)
  9. Sleeping by the Fyris River
  10. Balloon Ranger
  11. Ten Seconds
  12. The Fall
  13. Big in Japan
  14. My Lover Will Go
  15. Song No.6
  16. True Colors
  17. My Baby’s arms (Studio version)*

Changing of the Seasons – French Version (2009)


  1. The Treehouse Song (Lyrics & Video)
  2. The Fall (Lyrics)
  3. The Puzzle (Lyrics & Video)
  4. My Star (Lyrics)
  5. Ten Seconds (Lyrics)
  6. Changing of the Seasons (Lyrics)
  7. Lullaby for Grown-ups (Lyrics)
  8. Raise My Head (Lyrics)
  9. Armour (Lyrics)
  10. Round Table of Conference (Lyrics)
  11. Gillian (Lyrics)
  12. Don’t Leave (Lyrics & Video)
  13. Linger with Pleasure (Lyrics)
  14. True Colors
  15. Big In Japan
  16. Koop Island Blues (French version) Koop feat. Ane Brun

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Sketches (2008)


Acoustic versions of the songs on Changing of the Seasons
with two bonus tracks.

  1. The Treehouse Song (Sketches version)
  2. The Fall (Sketches version)
  3. The Puzzle (Sketches version)
  4. My Star (Sketches version)
  5. Ten Seconds (Sketches version)
  6. Changing of the Seasons (Sketches version)
  7. Lullaby for Grown-ups (Sketches version)
  8. Raise my Head (Sketches version)
  9. Armour (Sketches version)
  10. Round Table Conference (Sketches version)
  11. Gillian (Sketches version)
  12. Don’t Leave (Sketches version)
  13. Linger with Pleasure (Sketches version)
  14. Miss Moaning (Sketches version)
  15. My Baby´s arms (Sketches version)



Live in Scandinavia (2007)


  1. Are they saying goodbye
  2. To let myself go
  3. Rubber & Soul
  4. This voice
  5. My lover will go
  6. Temporary dive:
  7. Balloon Ranger
  8. So you did it again
  9. The dancer (written by PJ Harvey)
  10. Changing Of the Seasons/Fight song
  11. Where Friend rhymes with end
  12. So real (written by Jeff Buckley)
  13. Song No 6
  14. Lift me feat Nina Kinert (written by Madrugada)
  15. Drowning in those eyes
  16. On/Off
  17. Laid in earth (written by Henry Purcell)

A Temporary Dive – US Version (2006)


  1. To Let Myself Go (Lyrics)
  2. Song No. 6 – (with Ron Sexsmith) (Video & Lyrics)
  3. Balloon Ranger (Lyrics)
  4. My Lover Will Go (Lyrics & Video)
  5. Temporary Dive (Lyrics & Video)
  6. Laid In Earth (Lyrics)
  7. This Voice (Lyrics)
  8. Where Friend Rhymes With End (Lyrics)
  9. Rubber & Soul – (with Teitur) (Lyrics & Video)
  10. Fight Song, The (Lyrics & Video)
  11. Little Lights – (U.S. Bonus Track, with Syd Matters) (Lyrics)

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Duets (2005)


  1. Little lights Syd Matters feat. Ane Brun
  2. Llft me Madrugada feat. Ane Brun
  3. Rubber & Soul Ane Brun feat. Teitur
  4. This Road Lars Bygdén feat. Ane Brun
  5. Stop Ane Brun feat. Liv Widell
  6. Across the bridge Ellekari Larsson (the Tiny) feat Ane Brun
  7. Easier Magnus Tingsek feat. Ane Brun
  8. Love and Misery Tobias Fröberg feat. Ane Brun
  9. Such a common bird Wendy McNeill feat. Ane Brun
  10. Song no.6 Ane Brun feat. Ron Sexsmith

Balloon Ranger (2005)


  1. Balloon Ranger
  2. To Let Myself Go (Malkyl Remix)
  3. Balloon Ranger (Jetsream Remix)



Song No. 6 (2005)


  1. Song No.6 feat. Ron Sexsmith
  2. My lover will go (acoustic version)
  3. Humming one of your songs (feat. Benny Anderssons Orkester) Live

My lover will go (2004)


  1. My lover will go
  2. Temporary dive
  3. Stop (by Sam Brown)
  4. Morning Theft (by Jeff Buckley)

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