Ane Brun – Take Hold Of Me


This song came to life during a writing session with Martin Hederos and Josefin Runsteen in Spring of 2019. I’ve hardly done any live co-writing before (that is, meeting together in a room and creating something from scratch). I mostly prefer being alone in my own bubble when I create the first few seeds of a song. It’s a very intimate and intense activity for me, almost meditative and very intuitive and it involves a lot of improvisation. But I decided to give it a chance, and even though at one point I almost blushed because I felt so vulnerable digging into my soul in front of three friends, I’m very grateful we did it because a few really good songs came out of it, and it also made me braver.

My lyrics started out with these few lines: “My existence is screaming, it’s a physical feeling, of missing out on dance and light”. I try to describe an existential complex state of mind. An abstract feeling, and something that I’ve felt come and go through the years. And in some ways, in this time of the pandemic, it’s being emphasized even more. A feeling that things are on hold, that life is not lived to its full potential, and that the bigger questions are so present right there on the surface. It is something that at least I have experienced in this very different situation we’re in right now in 2020.

I reached out to Samuel Starck to co-produce this song with us, who is one of the amazing musicians appearing on my upcoming album. He’s also a synth and production wizard, and thanks to him we created this almost clubby sense of intense growing emotions, reflecting the words of suppressed energy that get a release by the end of the track. “Take hold of me, keep this energy steady.”

Music by Ane Brun, Martin Hederos, Josefin Runsteen Lyrics by Ane Brun

Recorded at Atlantis studios by Anton Sundell and Janne Hansson Vocals recorded at Balloon Ranger Studios by Ane Brun Additional Recordings at Skiss Studios by Samuel Starck Vocals recorded at Balloon Ranger Studios by Ane Brun.

Pre-mixed by Samuel Starck

Mixed at Centralstudion Långholmen by Fredrik Okazaki

Mastered at Cosmos Mastering by Hoffe Stannow

Produced by Ane Brun, Samuel Starck, Anton Sundell, Martin Hederos


Vocals: Ane Brun

Programming: Samuel Starck

Drums and percussion: Josefin Runsteen and Ola Winkler

Piano: Samuel Stark

Keys: Martin Hederos, Samuel Stark

Backing Vocals: Ane Brun