‘We Need A Mother’ is a result of my own thoughts and frustrations about the state of the world that I carry with me in my daily life. But the song itself was directly inspired by a corporate business conference I attended. In the opening speech, the importance of climate action and sustainability was emphasised, but then they chose to end the night with enormous and loud fireworks, costing millions, exploding over the water.

It reminded me of how we as individuals, businesses and societies so often practice double standards when it comes to our values and priorities, myself included; how hard it is to live a wholesome, sustainable life; and how we as grown-up humans can act like adolescents, and it really seems like we need mature leaders to keep us on the right track. I remember feeling so frustrated, provoked and upset, and when I woke up the next day I wrote this song. It took me a few hours, and after I had finished, I felt relieved and calm. Music is definitely a way for me to channel what’s going on around me.

As with many of the songs on my upcoming albums ATGS and HBHTHOB, ”We need a mother” feels so apt for the time we’re in right now, in 2020.

More than ever, we need authentic leaders.
More than ever we need to stand together.

We need a mother.
We need a Father.
We need a Moses to separate the waters.
We need our sisters.
We need our brothers.
We need each other to lead us over.

Music and lyrics by Ane Brun
Vocals: Ane Brun
Backing vocals: Ane Brun, Sara Parkman
Percussion: Per Eklund
Drums: Ola Winkler, Anna Lund
Synths: Samuel Starck, Johan Lindström, Martin Hederos, Per Eklund
Programming: Per Eklund
Piano: Martin Hederos
Violin: Martin Hederos

Recorded at Atlantis Studion by Anton Sundell and Janne Hansson
Mixed at Ingrid Studios by Anton Sundell
Produced by Ane Brun, Per Eklund, Anton Sundell, Martin Hederos

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